Markets move quickly.
Consumers switch on a whim.
Competitors are fast to market.

Welcome to OxygenAds

OxygenAds is a multi-disciplinary creative agency. It offers an innovative, creative service in everything we do, but most importantly, we are devoid of lines within our business. From above-the-line, below-the-line, on-line, off-line. In fact, completely outside the lines of traditional agency thinking.

We possess a unique, friendly one-on-one relationship with our clients, with two simple aims; build a better client relationship for the long term and build powerful, compelling communication messaging that affects customers’ behaviour.

We achieve this by transforming complex business strategy into single-minded, creative executions, which reduce uncertainty and increase the rewards for all.

Our success is not only due to the quality of our work; it’s down to attitude, our approach to always delivering beyond our clients’ expectations no matter how small the task is.

What We Do


is not just selling a product, it could be repositioning a brand, it could be changing behaviour. But most of all, it should communicate a message.

Positioning / Branding

is not just a logo. It’s fundamentally what you want your brand to represent. It could be to change from a ‘me’ positioning to a leadership one. Remember, it’s the most important asset you have.


is not just a layout, it’s a communication vehicle. It should inform, it should challenge your views, it should break new ground and above all, it should make you want it.

Corporate Identity

is not just printing colour and an icon. It’s an embodiment of your values, it could be to shift your present brand values, it could even have an idea!


it’s not old media. It can entertain, it can inform, it can sell, and most of all, don’t forget the pre-baby and baby boomers are living longer. Long live the radio.

Social Media

Talk out a load and tell the world. Make sure you’re talking to the right people and not just making noise and looking good for the sake of it. Social can work if integrated with the right creative campaign.

TV / Video

is not just a TV screen. It’s the most entertaining media available. It’s a part of our lives. It’s the most powerful tool you could ever use.

Web Design

is not just a web page. It’s a smartphone, it’s a tablet, It’s the world, it should inform, it should be easy to navigate, but most of all, it should informative and most importantly relevant.

Photography / Illustration

is not just a picture. It should capture your brand essence. It should be good enough to eat. It should be a powerful selling tool. If you don’t value your brand shoot it yourself.