For some time Transport Refrigeration Services Pty Ltd utilised a number of organisations in support of our advertising and promotional activities. Over the years, our success in delivering meaningful business results for the loose strategies has been questioned as well as a return on the investment.

In 2004 Transport Refrigeration Services made contact with OxygenAds and Bijay Kalsy. Bijay and his organisation were able to understand our business and customer needs within a short period. It was obvious at their first presentation of a suggested marketing and promotional plan we were heading in the right direction and our previous scattered approach could not continue.

Our priority in recent times has been to consolidate our business under one name and focus marketing strategies at various segments of the business that have the potential to deliver business growth.

We are very confident, with the creative and fresh approach to our marketing and promotions plans, OxygenAds will deliver the planned business growth.

Greg Woodley
Managing Director Transport Refrigeration Services

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