A true creative act is something else. It produces something which never existed before.

And can change the world forever.

  • Make the product the hero
  • Find the right trigger points
  • Target the messaging
  • Be creative
  • Build on ideas to make better ideas
  • Look at things in new ways
  • Challenge assumptions
  • Take risks
  • Take advantage of the unexpected
  • Never lose sight of the brief

Of course, what appears to be a spontaneous thought may well have been a long time cooking in the unconscious. Carefully analysing then tackling and solving in a creative way, the multitude of issues that face marketers every day is what OxygenAds is all about. It’s a doctrine we apply to all the tasks we take on.

We want to challenge completely the way you view your current marketing requirements and resources, and in all our dealings with you we will strive to put into practice our golden rules of creativity.

Define the advertising objectives – this could be a sales increase, a consumer perception shift etc.

Define the key characteristics of the brand – i.e. lowest in fat, Australian made etc.

Define the target market – who are our target consumers? How does the client’s product fit into their lifestyles? Where are they? How do they use the product? Why do they use it?

Categorise and define the competition – understand why they succeed or fail and seek out weaknesses.

Consumer perception/attitude shifts – this defines how consumers currently perceive the product and also how we shift them to our desired perception after the advertising campaign has appeared.

We believe every discovery by definition is unpredictable. If it were predictable, it would not be a discovery.