Bijay Kalsy

bijay kalsy

Bijay is truly a rare find in the advertising industry. His background extends far beyond the confines of the traditional agency creative department and over the years he has developed and honed his skills into what can only be termed as a ‘creative suit’.

Bijay believes his insightful and long-standing client relationships are built upon his ability to be perceptually involved with their products and specifically understand his client’s perspective. He has in fact ‘walked in their shoes’ on several occasions, where clients have appointed him to act as their client representative, dealing with all aspects from briefing to final creative approval on their behalf.

He is best described as an innovator and a problem solver, with over 20 years of experience and an array of skills to offer. He enjoys the cut and thrust of commerce and resolving his client’s problems in the most creative, but pragmatic way. Whilst he obsesses about creativity and its application to advertising and design, he also has an uncanny ability to apply high creative values to business. This unique quality is what his clients value most.

He’s really proud of the clients he’s helped and the world-class agencies he’s worked for, both here and overseas which include Grey Advertising Sydney and Ogilvy & Mather London. Bijay’s input on businesses ranging from finance, FMCG, automotive, alcohol and beverages, sporting goods, hi-fi, retail and more have been produced in all media.

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Whatever channel you may use the principle above still need to be applied if you intend to be creative and effective.

Think Positive by Bijay Kalsy

Being creative in a business environment is no mean feat, staying positive will help you navigate all stakeholders.