When two objects collide that’s when the interesting work begins.

There’s a better, more streamlined way to do business and that’s what OxygenAds is all about. OxygenAds will improve the efficiency you should rightly expect in attacking your day-to-day marketing tasks.

Creativity is the cornerstone of all we do, but it doesn’t simply refer to the visualised aspects of our work. It’s a doctrine that applies to our strategic approach to all the tasks we take on.
The desired effect is to create a compulsion for the consumers to act, a familiarity, an empathy and a distinctive personality and character.
The creation of a meaningful brand that belongs to the consumers’ lifestyle and an unshakeable faith, loyalty and fulfilment to carry the brand with its path of evolution.

Our Credo

Always approach our prospects with something to say, something informative.

Always deliver on our promises and never be misguided by greed.

Surround ourselves with suppliers and staff who share our objectives and create the happiest possible working environment. We want people to want to work with us.

Target clients and businesses that we can honestly make a measurable and meaningful contribution to.

Create true partner relationships with our clients so that they become our very best endorsements. A ‘family’ of clients who work with us.

Create a ‘presence’ within our industry to be envied and noticed.

Be brave. Finance our good ideas through informed prospecting.

Occupy the highest ground in all we do.

Be patient but tenacious. Be determined but not aloof or arrogant. Be honest and principled. Be professional but not inflexible. Listen, absorb and succeed.


Marketers want creative but pragmatic ideas that are workable and measurable, and we have the marketing models tried and tested, that will dramatically improve your advertising to sales ratios and ultimately your bottom line.