OxygenAds has been working with Westpac for over four years. In that time, the team has been instrumental in creating and delivering strategic employee communications initiatives via channels including newsletters, brochures, posters, intranet design and video production.

OxygenAds invests the time to understand our needs and what we’re trying to achieve from a broader business perspective. Best of all, OxygenAds is not a ‘yes’ agency. They have a vested interest in every campaign succeeding, and the value they bring is in their expertise in what will work best for our audience.

The work is always creative. The messages are on the mark. The production is of a high quality. Everything is delivered in a timely and cost effective manner. But at the end of the day, that’s not why we choose to work with OxygenAds.

We work with them because of the people.

Our business is about customer relationships and delivering exceptional service, and that’s the type of working partnership that OxygenAds offers us. OxygenAds is part of our team and the way we work together, and the results we get is testament to that.

Meagen Benson
Communications Manager Westpac